Special Post: YOLA Couture

The Callie

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a famous designer’s runway collection? I know mine is – yes beautiful but where in the world am I going to wear that? What if I tell you about a designer who, on top of creating beautiful designs and absolutely unique detailing in every single piece of her collection, actually has the real woman and real-life’s occasions in mind?

The results are anything but boring! What this incredibly talented designer has created are pieces that can go from the runway to that special event, to the momentous date, the unforgettable wedding and yes, with the addition of classic cut blazer, even all the way to the corner office. Her pieces are exceptional as she took bold risks in applying modern to twists to classic items such as conservative pinstripes and sexy but demure pencil skirts. The fabrics may be traditional but her spin on it is anything but! Her use of satin, silk and polyester is incredibly well-thought of that the end result are phenomenal pieces that are versatile enough to wear over and over again.

Meet Yola Couture.

One look at her collection and you’ll appreciate exactly the thorough details she’s put into every piece. What makes Yola stand out amongst the sea of designers is the signature feature of the Yola line: that unique flair -the applique embellishments, from the hand embroidery to the textured details, the different silhouettes and the definite edgy vibe to the traditional party dress!

I am very happy to finally share with you (trust me, I’ve been dying to tell you!) this exciting news! Twenty York Street and Yolande Deschenes, Founder and Fashion Designer of Yola Couture are working on a special collaboration that you do NOT want to miss!

Stay tuned this Monday for a fantastic surprise (hint: look at every photo in here and mais oui ma cher, check out her website) and a very exciting news about Yola Couture!

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