Ella Ella

Of course, I meant to close my eyes! Yikes!
Outfit details
Shift dress – Gap, Kid’s section
Crochet sweater – Banana Republic
Studded leather belt – Banana Republic
Men’s watch – Guess, Gift from E
Oxford booties – Brown’s, Gift from Maria
Animal print brellie – Pharmaplus
What and Where
Alright, it really wasn’t raining that moment we took these photos but it was pretty cloudy with a chance of meatballs that day! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist – I love that movie and thought it was so cool watching it in 3-D with a bunch of kids we were babysitting that Saturday afternoon) I promised the always stylish Rebecca of See you in Sweden that I will take a photograph of this pretty li’l thing so rain or no rain, I am taking this baby despite the weird looks of people behind me ordering their fries and poutine:
So, let’s talk a bit about fashion and shopping today. I was a bit hesitant showing this outfit as I wasn’t too sure if the combination worked out. I do love each of the pieces separately: the shift tweed dress, the soft, luxe crochet sweater, my trusty and almost vintage leather belt and I absolutely love the animal print tights. I was pining for a casual yet presentable look that Friday and since I also had to teach that day, I needed an easy on, easy off kinda dress but what do you think of this combination? Do you have a signature outfit for Mondays or Fridays or do you dress according to profession, mood or weather?
Perhaps its the years of retail conditioning – my Mom insisted on shopping for us from the kid’s section at the Gap, which would have been perfectly acceptable if we actually were kids – this dress was bought on clearance from the sales rack of, drum roll please… Gap Kids! Ironic now, isn’t it? Although shopping in this section has its drawbacks (case in point: this dress does not account for adult hips, it has a straight androgenous cut), it certainly has lots of shopping advantages: the sales discount is more massive, the sytles is unexpected and the prints are more adventurous and bold. Pink leopard print tights? Check! Rainbow-coloured polka dots? check! And the best part is, wait for this… in Canada, you only pay one sales tax for children’s clothing! One!
Now, if they can only start producing Little Black Dresses and sky-high stillettos, I’d be set shopping at the kid’s section. What about you my lovelies, do you shop at the children’s racks too or do you scour other unexpected places for your basic wardrobe needs?
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