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Outfit details

Silk ruffled top – Banana Republic
Pencil skirt – Banana Republic
Black trench coat – Old Navy
Purple leather purse – Osprey London, Gift from Pearl
Purple tights – Esprit
Suede pumps – Nine West

What and Where

I was going to wait to tell you this but I am beyond myself with excitement so I don’t think I can keep this a secret anymore. A couple of weeks ago my little sister sent me a link to a Blogger’s Competition for one of the biggest shopping malls in the city. I was so excited but a lot hesitant because as much as I’d like to enter, I’m really not thrilled about losing. I know, I know…

It was a pretty rigorous process (for me) which involves downloading the application form, demonstrating why you should be chosen as the Billings Bridge Blogger – BBB (pretty cool, eh?), write a sample post that will serve as your entry to the competition. This post will go live as your first blog if chosen as the winner. f chosen, you will also receive a very cool gig: a 3-month contract to blog for Billings Bridge! Plus, a $500 cash prize!

I thought about it for awhile, I wasn’t sure if my caliber of writing is good enough, I wasn’t sure if I was capable of writing a weekly post for an established and well-known mall in the city and of course, I was very much worried that I wouldn’t win!

Last night around 7:30 pm, I saw this Tweet from Ms. Greta Bloskie, Marketing Director for Billings Bridge:
BB Blogger winners are: Josh Cross, Hilary Duff, Charlotte Jewer, Marilou Moles and Adam Cowley…Congratulations…

I won, I won! I was so happy last night I was jumping for joy! Pretty fantastic, yes? I called my sister and then I called J… I know I sounded like a crazy banshee but I was really, really happy!

I thought last night was the coolest Monday ever! My dear friends, I just want to share that awesome news with you! Thank you for sending me such positive energy yesterday even though you didn’t know what it was for!

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