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Say Hello to: Lorena
Sometimes you meet people in the most random ways or you meet through unexpected circumstances. Either way, I’ve met this featured stylista last year and I’ve always admired her style ever since the first day I’ve welcomed her to our home. She brings with her the passion and determination of her mixed heritage, she carries herself with poise and grace, she exudes wisdom beyond her age and trust me I’ve seen it, she’s a got a closet-full of fashion goodies.
Alors,  je voudrais vous présenter the always chic and stylish Lorena! A little cute birdie also told me she is celebrating her birthday all week this week, please join me in wishing her a very Happy Birthday!
On Style and Fashion…

What and who influences your style?

Well, my grandmother was a seamstress. She used to make ball and wedding gowns and she had a very impressive wardrobe herself. She was fashionable and elegant til the day she died at 84. My mom had a collection of high heels that would challenge Imelda Marcos’. They were definitely the instigators that implanted this “clothaholic” seed in me. For a time, when I was younger I used to follow Charlotte Casiraghi’s European style, you know so effortless and chic. But I also take cues from fashionable friends. I observe a lot and copy certain things from this and that person, then I combine the different elements in a way that would suit me.

What’s your favorite outfit you’ve ever worn?

My wedding dress, hands down. I wish I could wear it everywhere.

Any childhood or early fashion memory?

Of course, I grew up surrounded by women who could saw and that were very much into fashion. I especially remember my other grandma’s collection of hats from the fifties, as well as her furs and jewelry. I used to play with some of them.

On Passion and Career Aspirations…
What would be your ideal job?

One in which I could showcase my showmanship. I’ve always loved speaking, dancing and singing in front of people. I’m not afraid of the spotlight. I also like entertaining, hosting parties and cooking for people. So maybe hosting a cooking show in Food Network, like that of Giada di Laurentiis would be great for me.

What gets you going, interest, passion?

I like the Arts, Politics and any intellectual endeavor. I am passionate about quality and talent. I like good food, good music, good films, beautiful clothes and surroundings, but most important of all , I love having caring and genuine friends.

I’m nosy, what do you really do for a living?

Right now? I work for a boutique, teach Spanish and do voice acting while I finish school.

On Lovin’ Life…

What 3 things do you wish someone had told you when you were younger?

That I am capable of achieving what I desire. The truth about marriage and relationships, you know, that they take hard work and that life is not perfect.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I can’t tell.

Describe your perfect day/perfect vacation?

A perfect vacation would be in Europe traveling by car, hopping from little town to little town with a bunch of good friends and trying out food and wine. Also Bali would be amazing.

3 Things I can’t live without:
1) Family and this includes my husband, and friends.
2) Open and bright spaces. I hate confinement. I love balconies and big windows.
3) Music.

Fill in the blanks…

Whenever I’m bored I usually play music and dance by myself and I facebook (shame).

Don’t tell my husband but I hate his hats, shhhh…

If I were deserted on an island, I would pack my iPod and my laptop  and would call Rob.

If I had superpowers, it would be going back in time to fix mistakes.

I wish Twenty York Street asked me about I think all the questions are great!

Editor’s Note: Photo Credits goes to J, it was a fantastic photo shoot, gracias Lorena! And don’t forget to follow Twenty York Street in Twitter: @20YS.

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