The Versatile Blogger Award (Part 1)

                    Blogger Advisory: Do not leave your purse unattended while posing!             
Outfit details

Silk top – Banana Republic
Pencil skirt – Banana Republic
Grey Blazer – RW and Co
Men’s watch – Longines, Gift from J
Silver bangle – Aztec, Gift from Mother
Sunnies – Vogue, Borrowed from Raffy
Suede pumps – Nine West, on clearance sale

What and Where

Still giddy high from the excitement of receiving an award yesterday, I bought myself (alright, I think my sister may have paid for it) a huge buttery almond croissant from Moulin de Provence and an extra large order of honeydew bubble tea with lychee gels as appetizers of course. That’s before heading out to a huge Mexican dinner with the family at Ahora.

Rio of Showers of Sunflowers (isn’t it such a charming blog title?) is so sweet and thoughtful that she bestowed upon me The Versatile Blogger Award. So, with power comes responsibilities, says Spiderman. The first part of which is that I’m suppose to list 7 random facts (I hope there is no fact finding mission in Blogspot) about myself. Here goes some intimate details about me, warning: major tmi. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  1. I used to dance since I was three, like travelled around and joined in dance competitions kinda dancing. I loved everything about it, the rehearsals, the shows, the freedom of expression through music and movement. And then I got older…
  2. My driver’s license is… expired, ooops! I meant to renew it but I figure it hasn’t been that long (it expired in January).  
  3. Serve me up some hot (meaning boiling hot) and spicy (meaning chili piquanté) food and I’m good to go! My Mom said I can eat hot and spicy spaghetti all day long, everyday.
  4. I used to hate wearing skirts and dresses. We had to wear school uniforms for about 15 years, I got away with wearing shorts for 6 years, that’s because my Mommy and my Grandma were Senior Teachers at the elementary school I went to.
  5. I have way too much accessories. Ever since I can remember. My family used to call my prized collection, Burloloys and they called me the crazy burloloy girl. I guess they didn’t know style if it hits them in the face with swarovski studded leather belt.
  6. Please don’t judge me but I have ADD. I have an attention span of a tiny gnat that I sometimes space out during long conversations, boring but must-see documentaries and weird group fitness classes at the gym. It’s not you Sweetie, it’s definitely me.
  7. One of my bestest friends (you know exactly who you are!) is my main source of both love and ultimate stress (yeah, you heard me), sometimes, much more stress than E is capable of providing me. And trust me, that says a lot! 
  8. I have the loudest and weirdest laugh that builds up into a crescendo of mixed sounds of a famished hyena, a crazed banshee or a dying roar of a beat up 98 Honda Civic. It is not sweet or cute. One time at a stand-up comedy show, I laughed so hard, the comedian stopped mid-joke and said, is that even human?

The second part of the award is to pass it on to deserving and fabulous blogs. I realized today’s post is lengthier than I had planned so I’m gonna have to give you the second and final installment tomorrow, so please stay tuned, Thursday’s and Friday’s posts are guaranteed to be special!

  Photographer’s Pick of the Day:

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