p.s. I Miss You!

Outfit details
Nude Pumps – Browns, Gift from Maria
Beige skirt – Prints and Plains, Gift from Mommy
What and Where
Out of sight, out of mind? Fortunately, that isn’t true at all as most of you have kept in touch either through visiting the blog and leaving me with some really wonderful comments or have sent me sweet and touching e-mails while I was away for work last week. Sorry for not being able to visit some of you at your respective blogs but I will make up for it soon. Thank you very much for thinking of me and checking on me as it has been a pretty hectic (and sadly stressful) last several days.
A big thank you shout-out is being virtually sent to my dear friends, JoAnn of Sidewalk Chalk and (my newest Blog Contributor) The Busy Neighbor. Judging from the unanimous positive comments you have left me, they both did a great job filling in for me and you’d be happy to hear that they will be making more blog appearances in the near future.
Another huge and heartfelt thanks is also owed to all those who have been following the blog and a warm welcome to new friends who joined in recently. I am hoping that you will find things that are interesting and inspirational here at Twenty York and I would like to encourage you to engage in the discussions, leave me comments, ask me questions or send me some suggestions. If I haven’t been to your blog, my apologies but please leave me your url or a way to contact you and I’d be sure to return the love!
So, who’s ready for exciting times ahead? Firstly, I have been thinking of improving the lay-out of the blog and to add some side bars though I certainly lack the technical knowledge to execute this plan. I have e-mailed some of you for advice and thank you for all your valuable help. Now, I’m just going to put it out there in the universe that please oh please, send me someone who has the expertise and kindness (and patience) to teach me on how to do all these cool things.
Secondly, I think I may have mention before that there is (wait, ARE) giveaways on the line but I may have not mentioned that Twenty York has been contacted by some Fashion and Style companies but I just have been so busy that I didn’t really have the time to put this partnership together but I have expressed my mutual interest with them so that only means great things for you my lovelies!
One other thought that I wanted your opinion on is that I actually wanted to personally sponsor Twenty York’s first give-away! I wanted to wait for a milestone like the 100th posts or a certain number of followers just to make it more special but one of the reasons behind it is that I really do want to share something with you, from me, to you! 
Perhaps this is something I can leave you with on Monday morning:
– Should my first giveaway be sponsored by a company or by myself?
– When should I officially announce the giveaway, after reaching a number of posts or followers?
– What do you think should that number be?
I’d sincerely love to hear what you think and I appreciate all your comments. Trust me when I say, you will love the item(s) up for grabs! Exciting, yes? 
Lastly, I’d like to publicly wish my very dearest J: Feliz cumpleanos mi carino!
muchos besos.

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