My French Connection

Outfit details
Red trench coat – Old Navy
Black cardigan – H&M, Bought by Nat
Silk top – Banana Republic
Silk brocade skirt – Banana Republic
Textured tights – Tristan
Gold/black necklace – French Connection
Black patent leather pumps – Guess, Gift from E
What and Where

E is French, wait let me clarify that, E is very, very French. That means he has that joie de vivre and the je ne sais quoi that the French are known for. He appreciates the finer things in life, be it good food, good wine, incredible architecture, fantastic art and designs and he is pretty avant-garde with his taste in haute couture. Not that I am in any way high fashion but I do like to try unique and different items sometimes or experiment with known style clashes. That is why I was pretty surprised when he exclaimed, after seeing me wear my newly purchased golden balls necklace from French Connection for the first time, is it Christmas already? (Btw, my Mom made the exact same comment a few hours later! Hmmnn… I suppose fashion is not really in the genes after all.)
Fortunately for him, I love the necklace very much to ignore that comment. I thought it went well with today’s outfit and worn over a jacket, it truly makes a statement (and no, it doesn’t say Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho! Does it?). I have been a bit nervous to show you my new change yesterday but I am very pleased to hear that you are lovin’ the look too. I’m also very happy that you are lovin’ the Getting Ready photo shoot we did with Davida! This is the first day I wore a fall-appropriate outfit (well, all the pieces except the trench are really summer items but hey, add tights to anything and you’re check-stamped for fall!), I thought I’d pre-empt the changing of the season as autumn usually scares the suede booties out of me. I feel like I don’t know how to dress warmly or chicly enough for chilly days, I love comfort and convenience and though I love the luxe feel of sweaters and coats, I am terribly scared of frumps and bulges. 
How about you? How do you usually prepare for fall my lovelies? Oh, that reminds me, please stay tuned for an upcoming post, a collaboration with JoAnn of Sidewalk Chalk that you may find really helpful: My Five! No, not the cellphone plan, I meant, the Five Essentials to Fall post!

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