Make a Statement

Twenty Yorkers – Stand up and Make a Statement!
Hello Twenty Yorkers! (Cute, yes? It’s like New Yorkers but with a blog zip code! Actually, it wasn’t me who came up with that brilliant name, my dear friend Pearl did!)These days we are bombarded with enormous amounts of messages, from television, Internet, print media, etc. Most of the time, these messages such as Fashion rules conflict one another. Accesorize, Accesorize vs. Less is more! No white after Labour Day against White is the New Black all-year round! Absolutely no prints mixing vs. The more prints, the merrier!
I say, stand up and make a statement! Make your own fashion rules that applies to your unique individual taste, your personal style, your body type and frankly, your mood of the day! Don’t be afraid to challenge these so-called set in stone fashion rules, go ahead and make your own today!
Or in the meantime, make a stand and tell me which of these statement necklaces you like best! The danger of having your hotel within stiletto walking distance across one of the biggest Banana Republic stores in the country is that, well, you tend to go and you tend to shop. And shop I did.

But now that I am back in Montreal again (sorry, I will be a little MIA but I will try my best to visit your blogs tonight, I might even skip a shopping trip for you!), I’m thinking perhaps I should return one or two. What, did you say keep it all? Ah, but I think I may have mention that I hate returns! That is one part of the shopping experience that I like the least but I may have to in this case!

What part of shopping trips do you like the best/the least?

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