Lazy Woman’s Guide to Fashion (Part 1)

Tips for surviving those days when leaving the house in a brown paper bag is not an option.

When my dear pal Marilou asked me to guest blog, I wasn’t sure what I would wrote about – my love for coming home and putting on joggers after work? My ways to masquerade fat days? My joy for eating popcorn in bed (oops…I guess that one isn’t fashion related)?

So – I figured I would write about what I know best: putting yourself together when you have three minutes, you’re running on -5 hours sleep and you’re feeling more Martha Stewart than Nicole Richie. This will be the first in a random series of survival tips! Upcoming topics include: Fashion on the Run (when you have to live out of a suitcase) and Fashion Fails. Not the normal glamorous style to the blog, but injections of life survival into Twenty York!

The scenario below represents one of my regular fashion issues and tips for how I deal with it.


Signed – The Busy Neighbor!

Scenario 1

Its 7:00am, you have to be at work in an hour. You have no desire to shower, certainly no desire to shave your legs and today seems to be the day that all the clothes you try on are too short/too tight/from 1984. Your boss won’t believe that you are sick “again”, so you have to go to work. Oh, and its Monday.

Option A – Leave the house in your pajamas and hope to find out you won the lottery and can retire before you get to the office.
Option B – Wear all black, head to toe, and hope no one talks to you today.
Option C – See tips.

What to do, What to do?
– Pull your hair in a ponytail, chignon, anything off your face. This keeps you looking clean and fresh. A bad hair day will only augment your feelings of un-loveliness.
– A black dress with tights and flats. Minimal and comfortable.
– Basic make-up today! A glimpse in the mirror on your trip to the bathroom shouldn’t be a reminder of how you felt getting out of bed this morning.
– Have a staple piece of eye-catching jewellery? Put that on.
– Make sure you have a couple of non-iron, no fuss clothes in your closet.
– A basic scarf/wrap with a nice print or colors thrown over any outfit so no one can see what you’re wearing underneath. (And the cozy factor will put your mind at ease!)