Getting Ready

Outfit details
Black and grey shift dress – Banana Republic
Disco balls earrings – Guess
White gold floral bangle – Banana Republic, Gift from Em
Patent leather sandals – Michael Kors, Gift from J
What and Where
This Fall has been unusually rainy and chilly that on the night that we decided to shoot J (yes The J) for his upcoming big reveal and interview, it was pouring cats and dogs that we had to shoot outside for a couple minutes and ran in for cover. These amazing photos were taken by my very good and long time friend, D, of Davida Ocran Photography and based on these and many others we have taken of both J and I, she’s got an incredible eye for details, composition and colours. I am especially impressed by the fluidity of her shots (though I wouldn’t say it was easy, she was definitely a pro and a strict one at that) and her ability to capture movements so that her photos tell a story.
These were taken at my lobby just before we head for dinner at the Khao Thai Restaurant, which serves really delicious and authentic Thai dishes. Some of you guys have e-mailed me saying you’ve missed my outfit posts (here’s one for you Melissa) and I think I do too! I really do love these photos and I’m very happy that D decided to pursue her passion as she is truly a natural in photography.
I do have some very exciting news to share with you over the next couple of days as I’ve received such pleasant news from my blogger friends at the fantastically-run The Owl’s Closet and from the super talented Chas of From Denim to Dessert. I also want to thank the very stylish Julie of Pop Champagne (she runs a highly fashionable and entertaining blog) for helping me and The Busy Neighbor make an important charity event happen.
I will tell you more about these later and I also want to tell you about a little change I made this weekend, I’ve been thinking about it for so long and last Saturday, I decided to just take the courage and do it, let’s see tomorrow if you notice what I mean!

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