Five Fall Essentials with Sidewalk Chalk

Hello, all you lovely Twenty York readers! It’s JoAnn from Sidewalk Chalk, and Marilou asked me to share with you what I’m most excited to wear this autumn, now that it’s officially the season. A lot of them are a mix of things I already own, but I hope to challenge myself to try new versions of them, too.
So without further ado, here are my Five Essentials:


Here in Georgia, the weather is so warm (mid-90s this week!) that the weather doesn’t turn until about mid-November, and even afterwards it’s a very mild winter. So I didn’t jump into getting boots until last year, because for practicality, I’ve never really needed them. Now, I know why all you colder-climate gals love them so much: they’re usually very chic, go with everything and, because they extend from your toes to your calves, they really can be a statement piece to any outfit. I plan on experimenting this year with different lengths, and I’m going to use them to dress down my cocktail dresses.


I love the military themes in the new anorak styles and I love how their lightweight, weatherproof material makes them practical. I plan on using mine by treating it like a sweater and belting it over dresses to break up their sweet details.


The lightweight versions are often worn yearround, but autumn is the time to really experiment with heavier knit and chunkier versions. I love using scarves to add color, pattern and personality to an outfit. This autumn I want to try wear several at once by twisting them into one giant scarf.

Lightweight dresses

I’m a pretty big dress-wearer, and I don’t expect to stop when the weather gets colder (I very rarely wear pants or jeans). Thought this is a summer staple, I plan on extending the life of my floatier pieces by wearing sweaters to warm them up, and boots to keep them more casual. This fall, I think I’ll be trying more prairie styles – their muted colors often lend well to experimenting with bolder accessories (like scarves!).

Leather skirts

The rich, heavy fabric makes leather a perfect addition for autumn layering. I’m usually not drawn to leather pieces, but I’m obsessed with my thrifted leather pencil skirt because I feel like the length is appropriate for everyday wear, and can be used to dress up t-shirts and be layered over floaty dresses.

What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall? Don’t forget to check out what Marilou’s Five Essentials are over at Sidewalk Chalk!


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