We Are Now Listed!

Outfit details
Teal top – Plains and Prints, Gift from Mommy
Full skirt – Plains and Prints, Gift from Mommy
Orange sash – Plains and Prints
Men’s watch – Guess, Originally E’s
Bead bracelet – Love Joy (as in it’s not really mine, it’s LJ’s)
Sunglasses – Banana Republic
Tan wedge – Aldo
What and Where
I just want to share the great news with you guys! The blog is now listed! I am very, very excited to share this with you… (see first photo: huge laugh, ain’t it?!) Twenty York Street Blogspot is now listed at ottawastart.com! Can you believe it?
OttawaStart is an independent website, which features many interesting, useful and entertaining web sites in Ottawa, Canada. Their goal is to find them, organize them, and help you find what you’re looking for. This  incredible site features exciting events in the Capital, upcoming concerts, community news, local businesses, various organizations and of course, fabulous blogs!
I also want to send out a tremendous amount of thank yous to all the lovely bloggers and guests who came by and left some really encouraging comments on the blog. I will be updating my LOVE, LOVE, LOVE section as I have new and exciting additions to my blogroll. I have met and discovered some incredible blogs and amazing ladies who are gorgeous, smart, talented et bien sur, fiercely fashionable!
Thank you to all the beautiful ladies who either followed me, added me to their blogroll or asked me to exchange links! You cannot imagine how cool this is for me considering the blog was only launched on July 15th! A very special gratitude goes to JoAnn at Sidewalk Chalk, who, not only took the time and patience to guide me through blogspot even before I started (she is so pretty and sweet, you can’t miss her blog) but Sidewalk Chalk was the very first to add Twenty York Street to her blogroll.

Alors, merci beaucoup mes belles!

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