Urban Jungle

Outfit details
Brown lace top – Banana Republic
Belted skirt – Banana Republic
Gold cuff – Club Monaco
Hoop Earrings – Guess, Gift from E
Wooden wedges – Old Navy
What and Where
Chickie is obsessed with the television series, Cougar Town (anyone else?), which stars Monica from Friends, a recently divorced woman who reenters the dating scene filled with younger men.  Not that I have that in common with her character but one more animal print addition to my wardrobe and I think Cougar Town can officially use my closet in their set. 
This tiger print skirt was bought over a month ago yet never worn until today. Thing is, I think sometimes my outfits are really not that blog worthy as they tend to be more on the safe side. I had this conversation with my very dear friend, Davida (promise, you’ll see more of her soon), a couple weeks ago. I said I wish my outfits were more edgy and funky and cool but malhereusement, je crois pas!
One major influence in my wardrobe is obviously my line of work, which I imagine is the same for most of you. Most of the time, your company or your organization will not have specific written policies on dress codes however, one only needs to look around to determine what is and what is not acceptable in the workplace. I work in a very conservative environment, where suits and ties are the everyday norm. That does not mean to say everyone is impeccably dressed, no no no. As a matter of fact, there seem to be a big divide between those who are extremely well-dressed and those who think cargo shorts and flip flops are acceptable corporate attire.
This is something that I struggle with because while I love suit pants and suit jackets, even the chic looking ones can feel stuffy sometimes or they’re just simply too warm for summer. I do want to inject some fun and creativity into what I wear Monday to Friday but on many and frequent occasions, I have heard comments like “Here comes the fashionista in the office!” or the famous all-time remark “Can you walk in those heels?” I mean, how do you respond to that?
So, here’s some questions I’d like to leave you with on a Friday (yay!) and I am looking forward to hearing from you so please drop me lots of lines! Do you have similar experiences like that in your workplace?
And… I’d love to see you guys style this animal print skirt! Perhaps I can send it to you and we can feature it as item of the month. You can then guest blog here with your write-up and photos and we pass it along to the next fashion blogger. What do you think, are you interested?
Photographer’s Pick of the Day
J picked this photo as it reminds him of the Buddha statues we saw at the Thai restaurant the other day. To quote him: “You look very Asian.”  (He ain’t always politically correct but I can’t get rid of him… What can I say?)

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