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Outfit details

Silk bejewelled top – Banana Republic
Ruffled skirt – Atmosphere, Gift from Pearl
Silver bangle –  H and M
Black patent sandals – Michael Kors, Gift from my Chickie
Aviators – Banana Republic, Gift from E
Black onyx ring – Epoch, Gift from E

What and Where

The weekend has been absolutely eventful that I just don’t know what to tell you first. It has been hectic with bursts of relaxation and then crazy busy again! The beginning is usually a good place to start but I think this time, just to spice it up a little bit, I’ll start from the most recent and work my way back chronologically  to Friday, coz its cool like that!

I spent most of last night organizing my closet, folding and hanging, folding and hanging and not because I love doing it (well, I do, sometimes) or that it really needs to be done (oh yes, it does!) but because… Wait, the first sentence is not completely accurate. I spent half of last night going through my clothes and the other half, watching the Emmy’s! Alright, now that that’s clear, let me tell you why I had to do that until 2:00 am Sunday night, or I suppose Monday morning.

Saturday night, came home at 4:00 am from a party, flicked open our bedroom lights and to my horror (trust me, you will find this terribly horrific too!), my entire right-wing closet was collapsed to the floor! The pole was broken off from both ends and I felt like bursting into tears seeing that all (ALL) my tops, blouses, shirts and dresses were slumped to the ground and hangers scattered everywhere! Darn right there will be an autopsy on the bloody incident but a couple of initial forensic theories came to mind. One – my baby cousin Erica was over for the weekend and for some reason, she just loooves going to my bedroom and can’t stop playing with my stuff. She could have tugged on one of the dresses and Jill came tumbling after… la la la. (Si, my poor attempt to humour myself to make peace with the tragedy.) Second – a surprisingly unanimous theory shared by my sister, my aunt and E – could it have been the sheer volume and weight of the closet contents that could have caused the metal rod to finally snap and break?

I don’t tend to agree with the second theory, that is a purely biased assumption by third parties but what I do agree with, is the fact that I am very fortunate and blessed to be surrounded by wonderful and generous friends and family. Exhibit A, my outfit of the day is majorly comprised of beautiful gifts given to me by the special (I’m using the term very loosely here) people in my life! I receive surprise parcels all the way from Dublin or I get surprise Michael Kors delivery in my office, just because…

These acts of kindness and generosity is something that I am thankful for everyday and has always inspired me to pay it forward. So, stay tuned my lovelies, what happened last Friday will not stay on Friday, I will tell you all about it. Plus, I did mention there is going to be a give-away (or two), didn’t I?

Photographer’s Pick of the Day:

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