Park and Fly

Outfit details
Silk ruffled top – Banana Republic
High-waisted skirt – Prints and Plains, Gift from Mommy
Diamond watch – Wittnauer, Gift from EM
Pearl cuff – La Baie
Silver hoops – Guess
Nude pumps – Browns, Gift from Maria
What and Where
The National Archives of Canada is located a few minutes from my office, it is the very last building you see when you cross over to Quebec from Ontario and in front of this building is this beautiful public park. I think this water installation was a new addition as I haven’t been here for awhile.When E and I used to work together for the same Department, we would go here, eat our lunch and just bask in the sun.
I’m glad this location came to mind Tuesday morning as it seemed even more beautiful and peaceful as I remember it and it provided for a beautiful background for the shoot. For some reason however, J was taking a lot of close-up shots today and I’m not sure how you feel about it but I always get intimidated when he gets really close with his camera lens. I do love his signature shots when he zooms in the details of the outfits but when it comes to getting an up close and personal shot of my face, I feel this sense of panic rising and I, all of the sudden, don’t know what to do. I don’t particularly think my close-ups look great, hence my preference for shots taken from far, far away!
Today, thanks to Valerie (you should check out her amazing yoga poses!), I was reminded of something very important in my yoga practice and my daily life: setting an intention. I used to start my day with a moment of prayer, which really was more of an offer of gratitude for everything that I have but these days, life gets in the way (coupled with the fact that I’d rather inject myself with caffeine I.V. and work the graveyard shift than wake up in the morning) and its something I’ve sadly neglected. We get so caught up in trying to achieve so many things that sometimes we don’t take a moment to just be silent, regroup our thoughts and set an intention for our day.
I will start tomorrow with every consciousness to set an intention for the day and for the blog. I’m sorry it has taken me awhile to update my blog roll (sorry Persis!), as you know I am still trying to figure this out and I really thank you guys for the help and the patience but I promise, I will have it updated before the weekend. If I missed to add your blog, please do let me know and I’d be happy to update it.
I’m sorry this post is a bit long but there are so many exciting developments in the blog and I’ve got some pretty fantastic posts lined up. That includes my very first feature: the ever sweet and beautiful JoAnn from Sidewalk Chalk, we are working on a fashion collaboration together and I can’t wait to share it with you. My long overdue feature of the man behind the camera, the elusive J, is also in the works, so its going to be a busy transition to Fall. I’ve always said it since the beginning, I really did not intend for this blog to be just all about me, I want to feature people and things that are worth blogging about. Yes, that includes friends (and if they are nice, maybe family too) whom I admire, who are not only beautiful but smart, talented and overall, amazing individuals. I plan to make a regular Blogger of the Week feature so if you would like to nominate somebody (my, including yourself, of course!), please drop me a line, I’d be very happy to hear from you!
It’s almost Friday… Much love!
Photographer’s Pick of the Day

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