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Brand New Osprey London Leather Purse
Sneak peek at all the goodies from Dublin
Three Precious Hallmark Greeting Cards
River Island Super Embellished Belt
Only (Limitless) Lilac Corset Dress
Awww, isn’t this the cutest card ever?
Question: What’s better than receiving a surprise parcel in the mail full of wonderful goodies from Ireland?
Answer: Well, getting TWO of them!
There’s very few occasions that I have been left speechless and this is one of them! I went home one day last week, feeling giddy like I’m about to see a sign that says – You’ve got Mail! and quelle suprise! I see two mail notices posted in my lobby and I just couldn’t wait to spring to the postal outlet like a newborn doe! (Maybe they don’t actually spring immediately after birth as they may still feel woozy but you get the point!) 
As the mail man hands me two of the biggest parcels I’ve ever received from Europe, I couldn’t wait to get home so I can rip them apart. Alright, for the record, I’m not one to actually rip wrapping papers on gifts, I’m more like the peel each and every strip of scotch tape and fold the gift wrapper neatly and store them away type of girl when it comes to opening presents. So in true fashion, I grabbed a pair of kitchen scissors and cautiously cut the edge of each parcels and ceremonially pull one beautiful piece after the other and laid them out in my living room (yes, there’s that many!), I took a long moment of silence to admire them, photograph them and offer a prayer of gratitude for being so blessed and having such a wonderful friend.
You see, Pearl and I have been sending each other surprise packages in the mail and aside from our almost daily conversation over Facebook, e-mails and phone calls, this has been our way of keeping in touch as we live far from each other. Though it may seem superficial to some (and we have discussed that aspect at length) and it usually brings about some confused amusement from E and Jan (Pearl’s always loving and good looking husband), we both have a mutual understanding and a shared appreciation that this is going to be our thing, surprise each other with beautiful items from across the Atlantic and I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, do you?
So, if I may, I’d like to share with you the treasured contents of Parcel Number: 1. I have always loved receiving greeting cards for special occasions and I do save the most memorable ones. This I suspect, from the always supportive and loving Pearl, is something that I will absolutely keep forever…
To my Best Friend on your birthday,

we share each other’s secrets… 
we laugh (a lot!)…
and we’re 
there for each other…

You’re a wonderful friend, I’m truly blessed to have you in my life. I will treasure all the memories we shared together. Those were priceless.

Stay true, young and beautiful, as always. I’m always here for you. Whatever it is Sweetie, just FB, or call for help, advise, opinion, etc. and I’ll do anything to make you happy.

I’m so glad you’re my friend.

God Bless our Friendship, Always…


Isn’t this such a very touching and sweet message? Do you have someone who’s been so good to you to thank for today?
Three of the most heartfelt cards I have ever received in my life…
Pieces Accessories Polka Dot Scarf
Scorpion brooch on River Island Embellished Belt
Flower brooch on belt. Isn’t the details just beautifully intricate?
My BFF, Miss Pearl(-y Shell from the Ocean! Sorry, I can’t help it… Every time I say her name, I just want to sing that classic song from my childhood. Love her lots!)

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