Maverick and Me

Outfit details

Dress – Banana Republic
Wide cuff – French Connection
Gold bracelets – Banana Republic
Chandelier earrings – Aldo
Shoes – Nine West
Crocodile clutch – Michael Kors, Gift from E
Aviators – Banana Republic

What and Where

Doesn’t this location reminds you of scenes from the movie Top Gun? You know that very famous movie by Tom Cruise when he was still cute and well, not crazy? Sorry, TC fans, I liked him too!

I will be away for the long weekend for a family trip to Mont Tremblant but I wanted to leave you with a post for Monday. E actually took these photos and same as last time he did it, I had to beg him to shoot me as we actually went there to take pictures of Blue, our Mini Cooper, in preparation for his eventual sad farewell (story on that later). This beautiful site is located at the penthouse level of the Casino Parking lot where, they do actually have a helicopter hangar (see last photo)! It provided for an incredible backdrop of nature: the river, the hills and the trees against the industrial and commercial feel of the casino and the parking lot.

Side note: This post was meant to publish on Monday morning but I guess that didn’t work.

I haven’t told a lot of people about the blog but for the few friends that I did send the link to, it has been a weirdly mixed reaction. One of my closest friends (I’m not gonna use the term Best Friends right now as that is currently under evaluation) made the most fun of me by quoting lines from my blog and speaking in the most annoying Paris Hilton manner… like you knooow… and I was like sooo mad but whatever.. you know!

Hey, I didn’t mean for this blog to be a forum for discussion about Human Rights issues or the global economic crisis, though I suspect we will also talk about that at some point or another. The point is, I do intend not to shy away from speaking to you about serious subject matters that may be sensitive or controversial at times. I have been laughed at and labelled narcissistic, vain and superficial! That may be but each individual have many facets to their personality. One quality does not necessarily trumps the other or in this case, blogging about certain dimensions of your character makes it all encompassing. And I think that’s what makes people interesting, there are many different sides to one person and if you are fortunate enough, you get to see these individual expressions over time.

She said I am better than this. I agree, (yes Chickie, people do look like this in everyday life) just look at how I answer my calls!

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