Laces and Cream

Outfit details

Cream lace dress – Limited, Gift from my dear Pearl
Gold floral necklace – Club Monaco
Cream weaved clutch – Banana Republic
Cougar print pumps – Sam and Libby (seen here)
Sunnies – Banana Republic

What and Where

Friday nights when the weather is nice – let’s go for dinner and drinks she cries! I’m feeling a little (a lot) romantic tonight, I’m pretty sure it was the dress, so I thought I’d take E out to his favourite restaurant for steak et frites. Since we had a lot of time to kill, yeah we’re busy like that, J and I decided we should push our artistic boundaries (yes, I’m joking) and take photos around the neighbourhood. You see, the shoots we have taken so far were locations close to our office, we usually run outside, pose and shoot – vite, dale!

This spot is literally three seconds outside our door, you step outside to the most vibrant, buzzling and beautiful courtyard I’ve seen or more accurately, I’ve ever lived at. This little piece of paradise within the heart of downtown is literally a few minutes away from Canada’s world famous landmarkthe Parliament Hill and is home to the city’s top-listed restaurants, bars and lounges. Did I mention it’s also right behind the biggest shopping mall in the city, bookstores and specials boutiques? Oh yeah, it means exactly that – temptation every single day!

As for this gorgeously romantic dress, I had a bit of trouble styling up the rest of the outfit and decided to pair it with my cougar shoes for an unexpected juxtaposition of feline rawness and the feminine touch of lace. Perhaps a hint of leather would also work but I’m curious, what would you pair it with?

Photographer’s Pick of the Day

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