Come Take Me Away

Day 1: Sunny but cool.
Day 2: Maxi-mize the view.
Day 3: Short and Sweet.
Outfit Details
Day 1:
Beaded Tunic – Banana Republic
Denim shorts – Guess, Gift from E
Men’s fedora – Club Monaco
Sunglasses – Banana Republic
Ugg Boots – Whooga (I know, I know but I love it!)
Day 2:
Maxi dress – Old Navy
Ugg Boots – Whooga
Day 3:
Strapless dress – Philippines, Gift from Nomer
Wide-brimmed hat – Jacob
What and Where
What do you do when there’s only a few sweet weeks of summer left? Don’t get me wrong, I love fall, I love its fashion, the colours, the endless possibilities of layering, the different colours and styles of boots, oh the leathery beauty of boots! But I’m a fair weather friend, no, I’m a super hot sunny weather friend. Between scalding hot and freezing cold, I will slurp that boiling soup in my mouth and risk third degree burn rather than stick my tongue out to lick the icy pole even if you dare pay me with the latest classic trench coat from Banana Republic. Wait, did you say you will pay me with the latest classic trench coat from Banana Republic? Well, in that case…
Remember last weekend when we whisk ourselves away to the glorious Mont Tremblant? We stayed for three days and since the weather was beautiful and summer perfect, the mostly floral dresses I packed were just perfect. I know they are not the most styled outfits to date but they are simple and portable. I am leaving for Montréal tomorrow for work so my packing won’t be as light, suit pants and suit jacket in the summer? Eck! Nonetheless, I am excited to go as Montréal is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with stylish women walking all around town and it boasts of a long street and an underground mecca of retail stores and designer brands.
But back to summer talk today: What would you wear for a carefree weekend getaway? Better yet, if you were to be stranded on a deserted island, what would you wear? The always gorgeous Sabina at Pixie Dust has offered one more good reason for us to dress up – a style challenge! I believe its a great way to shop into your closet, get creative and have some fun while looking oh so fashionable!

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