Wake me up, Buttercup!

Outfit details

Houndstooth silk top – Club Monaco, Gift from Chickie
Cropped crochet cardigan – Old Navy
Grey pencil skirt – Banana Republic
Men’s watch – Longines, Gift from J
Pearl bracelet – La Baie (Okay, okay… The Bay. I thought it has a nicer ring to it in French!)
Hobo leather purse – Michael Kors, Gift from E
Shoes – Nine West
Eyeglasses – Eye Channel, Gift from Steffi

What and Where

You want me to do what? Make 1,500 photocopies again??? Alright, I didn’t actually say that today and I really only zeroxed (yep, its a verb, isn’t it?) two expense claim receipts but if someone were to ask to me to do exactly that – twice, I would probably pout (in secret, or swear, who are we kidding here!) and grab my hair furiously (non, its not furious enough for you?) like this!

Today, I was grabbing my hair to probably hide the fact that I am in-between shampoo day, which brings me to the thesis of this post: my three main hairstyles. I actually had a different subject in mind but looking at the photos right now made me realize that I should really try to experiment with new or just different hairstyles.

I used to shampoo my hair everyday, well I still do really but I make a conscious effort not to. So, here’s my first and always look: The Straight. After shampoo and conditioner, it gets toweled dried, blown dried or air dried during the summer. I got no mad skills with hair dryers, hair curlers or even hair brushes. My cousins or my sister will tell you that I do not have a comb or a brush in my purse to save your life or your french braid for that matter!

Second and more frequent look: The Ponytail. Over the years, I’ve perfected many versions of it – the high, the low and the messy ponytails. I find its such a versatile look that can take you from day to night or from gym to office. Yes, I was being sarcastic as I wish I knew of better ways to style my hair. The third and rare look: The Shower Updo. This is a copycat of how I put my hair up in the shower during my non-shampoo day and most of the time, I can’t quite re-do it so I leave as it is and run to the office. Stellar, yes?

I should probably tell you why I try not to wash my hair so often, even though its oilier than your local diner’s early bird special if I don’t and maybe you can send me some tips or advice on how to deal with The Situation. Side note: I think it hilarious that a grown up man deliberately named himself like an accident report or the main problem. Like when you say.. okay, here’s The Situation. Uh-oh! You know it ain’t gonna be good news!

That was neither here nor there. So, back to my hair-y situation (ha, ha, I am actually lol-ing here), they say its damaging to shampoo and condition your hair everyday. But what’s a girl gotta do? Suffer the long term consequence of hair damage and shampoo away? Or should I borrow li’l Erica’s baby powder and dust over my oil spots (eck!) all day?

Just to show you guys how blogging really isn’t it all fun and games, especially the photo shoot part (at least for me), here’s how I normally look like at the end of it.

This is my – okay, I had enough look:

And… wait for it…
This is my – okaaay, we’re going home look:

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