Silver Lining

Outfit details
Dress – Bedo, Gift from E
Scarf (worn as belt) – Banana Republic
Earrings – Banana Republic
Men’s Watch – Longines, Gift from J
Shoes – Nine West
New haircut and hair colour – Hair by Ryan, Courtesy of Mr. Douglas
What and Where
I usually don’t love Mondays this much but today, I was excited about heading to work. I  had an amazing weekend with friends and family, well, a lot of it was spent doing nothing really – doing nothing during the weekend is a wonderful way of recharging the soul, n’est-ce pas? Alright, alright… good food, good wine and great company helps (big time) but sometimes, you just need to quiet the mind, free yourself from any expectations and obligations and just enjoy some peace and solitude. 
I realize I’m yet to talk about my outfit and style, so let’s discuss that today, shall we? I really love my silver and gold dress! Not only because it gives me some sort of shape and it is made of silver, vintage-like fabric with brocade patterns and specks of gold, E bought this for me last year during our Anniversary weekend celebration in Montreal. The little details and texture in the fabric is so pretty and timeless and I love the fact that the dress is backless and the bow on top kinda wraps everything up very nicely. 
Though it was raining today and the sun was nowhere to be seen, J (can’t wait to feature him in the blog) was still able to capture some amazing shots and has managed to make me look good (in my opinion!) despite going to bed at 3 in the morning last night. Ah, what will I ever do without him?
My last shout-out goes to Mr. Ryan for convincing me to get out of my comfort zone, try something new and go for red hot streaks on my hair. Boy, was I ever nervous! Turns out, the man knows what he is talking about! I think it looks amazing and the cut gave me some sought-after volume and depth to my otherwise super straight hair!
How was your Monday? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new recently?

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