Ruffles and Stripes and Everything Nice

Outfit details
Navy silk top – Banana Republic
Black and white striped skirt – Dynamite
Men’s watch – Guess, Gift from E
Disco balls earrings – Guess
Woven fabric bracelets – Banana Republic
Shoes – Nine West
What and Where
This blog is only about a week old but I am very glad to receive all your comments, suggestions and most of all, your strong wave of support and encouragement. Its not an easy road to pave but you inspire me to keep going and blog on. Thank you very, very much!

It has been a very busy weekend, four birthdays and a home-based thrifting bazaar later, I was passed out on the beach by Sunday afternoon. Heavy, dark bags under one’s eyes and extreme bloated stomach does not make for great blog photos that I wasn’t up for taking photos today. But the yellow warm Monday sun was pretty convincing and J thought of something brilliant for the blog that got me very excited: a theme of the week. You’d be very pleased to know that the first theme features THE landmark of Canada – the Parliament Hill. It is beautiful, it is majestic, it has power and charm and history – so many different elements that we can try to capture this week though I doubt we will be able to capture a fraction of its beauty in such a short time. (For our non-Canadian friends, facts and figures about the Hill is coming up shortly, stay tuned!)

Today’s shoot was pretty fun, we had lots of laugh as we fight our way through the crowds to take better shots. I ran up to a family of tourists and tried to sneak in the back of the group to be the “who the hell is that behind you Grandpa?” stranger in the family vacation picture but the little Asian girl with the camera pointed at me and said – But she’s in our picture Mama! Duh!

I do have another funny story to tell but I’d keep it for another day and this time, I will let the pictures describe a thousand words! J had his mojo in full force yesterday and he thought of another feature we can add to the blog, the Photographer’s Pick of the Day! His photos, his pick. No matter how much I disagree with it and think that I look like a little awkward boy in drag, he gets to choose his favourite photo of the shoot. Here’s the first installment:

Photographer’s Pick of the Day

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