Of Sunshine and Blue Skies


One thing that makes me very, very happy is a ray of sunshine and the beautiful blue sky! There is something so very optimistic about it that it almost guarantees a great start to your day! Today is one of those days. Today is a special day for me as I am finally, finally posting my very first blog!

It has definitely taken its sweet time to come together. From the thinking about doing it, to not doing it, on how to do it or will I even be good at doing it? The very valuable advice I got throughout this process thus far is – JUST DO IT! Yeah, I think the Nike ads say the same thing and it is absolutely true, sometimes, you just got to put the right foot in and jump and see where it goes!

I may be the only one who will end up reading it but I’ll just pretend I am talking to you my dear friends. This blog will be about, among other things, special moments in my life as well as the mundane everyday events because sometimes, you never know what your day will bring. I have been meaning to write a journal (and trust me, I have a collection of brand new journals and notebooks to prove that) and everyday, I have the intention to write on it but as we all know, life happens and another day goes by unwritten.

So with this blog, I hope to change that. I hope to document things in my life that I would like to look back and remember. Things I am passionate about and the people I love and of course, and this may be the hardest part of all, to take note and photos of the things I wear – my take on fashion, my very own style.

I have received some amazing support and advice from friends and family (okay, one family, I have not really told anyone about the blog yet) and I am also very pleased to say that the blogging community has been very helpful and encouraging. I am far from active in making comments on your blogs as I have yet to figure that out but do believe me when I say, I have been checking them out almost everyday. I would like to say thank you to those who took the time and patience to e-mail me back (I realize now that my e-mails were a tad too long but I am really, really inexperienced at this. I barely know how to work my iPhone and they come out with a new one!) and shared with me their valuable advice and have sent me their virtual support.

Thank you, merci beaucoup.

Alors, sans plus tarder, je voudrais vous souhaiter la bienvenue à TWENTY YORK STREET.

Welcome to my home, welcome to my world!


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