Neutral State of Mind

Outfit details
Summer dress – Old Navy, Gift from Sissy
Sequined cardigan – Urban Behaviour, Thrifted, Spring Clothing Swap I hosted
Purple leather purse – Osprey London, Gift from Pearl
Gold hoop earrings – Guess
Gold studded bracelet – Club Monaco
Gold chain necklace – Banana Republic
Nude shoes – Aldo
Sunnies – Banana Republic
What and Where
Have you ever danced with somebody in the summer rain? Sometimes, I wish life is a like a movie where the entire cast and crew breaks into a perfectly choreographed dance number in the middle of the train station (yes you, Slumdog Millionaire!) and all the stories, no matter the struggles and pains, end happily ever after. 

We went to a drive-in movie tonight after a delicious Italian dinner (ahm, make that a feast), it was the very first for my sister, aunt and little Erica. It was a makeshift Wednesday drive-in by the parking lot beside St. Laurent Shopping Centre and I think it is sponsored by both the Shopping Centre and 105.3 Kiss FM. It’s not like those drive-ins where you can pretty much show any movies, as that really isn’t the main star of the attraction. We thought between ET, Sleepless in Seattle and Jurassic Park, the last one was the best movie we can bring Erica to as she can most likely relate to extinct dinosaurs than to a sort of cute alien trying to get back to its home space. Obviously, Sleepless in Seattle was out of the question as the birds and bees talk is waaay too early for her but we figure, she certainly can learn about violent behemoth creatures that existed millions of years ago. She is one.

Tonight was exceptionally windy and cool. I must say we are not nearly as prepared as other movie goers, some had blankets, comforters and (I kid you not!) mattresses! Perhaps next time I can borrow a lazy boy recliner from a friend. No wait, I don’t think I actually know someone who owns a lazy boy. Just as we were getting to the juicy parts of the movie where the devilish T-Rex started eating and flinging the greasy lawyer in between its jagged teeth, the wind got stronger and stronger and blew the blown-up rubber screen until it folded up in half! We all sat there for awhile waiting to see if they can put the screen back up but unfortunately, nature once again proved to be a party pooper. Even though we had to roll up our dollarama banana blanket and drove home, it was all for good cause as the sponsor, St. Laurent Shopping Centre have arranged for 100% of all ticket donations to go to the Overbrook-Forbes Community Resource Centre.

I just thought for a second, while everyone sat there not knowing what to do, wouldn’t it be cool if all of the sudden you hear some feet tapping, hands clapping, music slowly building up until people jump up and wave and dance like they’re in a Bollywood drive-in? I know, I know! Me loca, eh? Well, that’s how one’s mind works after a terribly busy 9 to 5 day of Parliamentary Business Only!

Any crazy thoughts lately?

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