Modern Day Gladiator

Outfit details
Tie-dye dress – Dynamite
Gold wide cuff – French Connection
Ethnic fabric bracelet – Vintage, 10 years old
Beaded necklace – Pier, San Francisco
Drop earrings – Banana Republic
Boho leather purse – Michael Kors, Gift from E
Studded gladiator sandals – Old Navy
Aviators – Banana Republic, Gift from E
What and Where
Who doesn’t have mad love for Fridays? I haven’t read one yet but I’m sure poems and odes have been written about this glorious day that caps the entire work week and marks the start of a promising weekend! Especially when that weekend is comprised of (attending and hosting) four birthdays (four!!!!), a trip to the beach and a home-based thrifting bazaar. Geographic locations of said birthdays do not make for efficient fuel consumption and reduced carbon emission as they all are situated at the far ends of the city.
Perhaps I should save some energy as it looks like I’ll be passed out by dinner time tomorrow night. I just want to tell you that I, for the longest time, refused to buy gladiator sandals as they seem to make me look like, well, a frumpy gladiator. They seem to shorten the legs, some are too strappy and some take it way to seriously and some have multiple closures that it is almost impractical. Flat sandals for me should be an in-and-out business.
I have to admit that they do look real awesome on some people. They can transform a pretty and dainty dress into a cool edgy outfit and they sure can lend some rock ‘n roll into anything. So, I finally bought a pair, thanks to a post by Jill from Good Life for Less, she dishes out valuable tips and advice on what’s “IT” and where to get it. Please check out her amazing blog at I completely agree with her, the studded metal details are what makes the look, c’est simple, mais c’est vraiement chic!
Have a great weekend everyone! I know we all live tremendously busy lives and at lot of times, we are like modern day urban gladiators fighting against career challenges and overcoming personal battles (yep, that’s me trying to kung-fu mine up in mid-air!). I say, we continue to fight a good fight as we smile, put our best heel forward and if all else fails, we order a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, shall we?

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