La Raison Inconnoue

Outfit details

Teal top – Plains and Prints, Gift from Mommy
Full skirt – Plains and Prints, Gift from Mommy
Orange sash – Plains and Prints
Men’s watch – Guess, Originally E’s
Bead bracelet – Love Joy (as in it’s not really mine, it’s LJ’s)
Sunglasses – Banana Republic
Tan wedge – Aldo

What and Where

A few years ago, you know when we were young and foolish, we promised that one day, we will all throw caution to the wind (along with that expensive and ineffective bottle of anti-cellulite cream), shed all or most of our clothes and pose for some pretty racy but tasteful portraits. Something we can possibly look back to when we are old and wrinkly and sporting the latest draw-string sweat pants at the Bingo Hall and say, Oh, those were the good ol’ firmer looking bum days, my friend!

Okay, so these are not exactly the photos we had in mind but this is the closest I’ve got to that promise so far! I kept these shots from last week for some reason and I have been thinking about whether I should post it or not but somehow, I feel really compelled to do so for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, J doesn’t need to get his ego stroked some more but I gotta hand it to my very talented and artistic photographer – I think he has an amazing eye for details and see angles whereas I am evidently visually impaired. I love, love these photos as I know I wouldn’t have thought of shooting these details this way and I am very glad he did. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the fact that he is one of the most impeccably well-dressed man I know, he has a very distinguished style and he constantly carries himself in a notable manner you can detect from miles away! (Aherm… I think its time to pay me that twenty bucks in exchange for this PR write up Chickie!)

My last and final reason is, I must admit, a bit vain but hey, if you are like me and you think that your best days were far behind you, you gotta, gotta document whatever you got left so you can preserve the very last of your elastic and wrinkle free skin. So that when you do have grand children or great grand children some day, you can dust off these old photographs, or in this case, google the archives of and show them your care-free glory days… yep, Sonny boy, this is your Grandma alright!

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