Going Bananas!

Outfit Details
Blazer – Banana Republic

Dress – French Connection
Purple leather purse – Osprey London, Gift from Pearl
Necklace – Banana Republic
Earrings – Banana Republic
Gold chain bracelet – Banana Republic
Gold Floral bracelet – Banana Republic
Cocktail ring – Banana Republic
Shoes – Nine West
Aviators – Banana Republic, Gift from E

What and Where

Just to show you how long I’ve been wanting to put this blog together, these photos were taken about two months ago at the Champlain Look-out in Chelsea, Quebec. The first photo was actually the original shot I was gonna use to start the blog as I thought it was brilliant! I had a difficult time finding a good pose so E said, just do that thing you do and voila, here’s the shot! (I will let you figure out what that thing is.)

I actually had to ask him to please, please take some photos of me as the actual star of the show that day was Blue, our Mini Cooper S. Yes, we’ve named him our boy Blue not just because of his electric blue colour but also because the name is our homage to one of our favourite movies of all time – Old School. We just love, love that movie and still think its hilarious despite seeing it for about a thousand and three hundred eighteenth time! Anyone with me on this one?
We were in the process of letting Blue go (more on that later) so we decided to take lots of photos of him to remind us of the good old times. Since E gets a little too carried away when he is working, he kinda forgot about me horsing around hence, the picture of me hitch hiking. It was a long shot that someone would even stop, who hasn’t heard of a good horror story about hitch hikers? To my big surprise, three cars did stop in a few seconds that I was standing (dangerously) on that curb. I think that shows that there are still good Samaritans in this world, non? I don’t know about you but I always feel so guilty driving past hitch hikers, I always want to turn around and pick them up but admittedly, we never do. Better safe than sorry, yes?
I think by now you’ve figured out why this post is titled Going Bananas! I’m like a walking Banana Republic geek, which I’m pretty sure is NOT fashion cool in the blogosphere. Except the dress and the shoes, everything is from Banana Republic, which you will soon realize is one of my favourite clothing stores. Alright, alright… it is my favourite store, much to the annoyance of E and some of my friends. I know the prices are a bit unreasonable sometimes but I do think they have great style, great quality and most of all, they always have great sales. This may not make much economic or logical sense but 40% off sounds just like such an awesome deal!
What’s your favourite clothing store? Do you buy because of great style, good quality or hard to resist sales?

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