Flower Pots and Dot Dot Dot

Outfit details

Floral tiered dress – SM Shoemart, Philippines
Shoes – Spain, Gift from Kathy
Gold hoop earrings – GUESS
Gold chain bracelet – Banana Republic
What and Where
Thank God its Friday! I did not originally plan to take photos and do a post today as I didn’t think my outfit was particularly blog worthy. I didn’t have enough time to get ready this morning, didn’t bother with more well-chosen accessories besides the two I got and just blasted my hair with hot air for a couple of minutes to dry them. Results: not quite fantastic.
First of all, I was going to wear jeans, not just any jeans but a pair of skinny jeans that I’ve never, ever worn yet! This may not sound like a big deal to you but I haven’t owned a pair of these for a long, long time. I have tried purchasing one but my recent experience had given me such an awful muffin look that I’ve decided that the skinny jeans trend is NOT for me. Why I have a pair now, well, that’s another story.
So why this post you might ask? Today, a friend of mine made a comment saying – “I don’t like that look. I don’t think florals and polka dots work together!” So, to spite him (because I’m always the bigger person in that way) and of course, to solicit your thoughts if this is so. I know there are fashion rules that exist and are not meant to be broken but hey, life isn’t fun that way. Looking at the results of our five-minute photo shoot today, I say… it works!
Have you broken any rules (fashion or otherwise) lately? Here’s to living on the edge and enjoying this fabulous hot summer!

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