Double Trouble

Outfit details

Navy silk top – Banana Republic
Black and white striped skirt – Dynamite
Men’s watch – Guess, Gift from E

Disco balls earrings – Guess
Woven fabric bracelets – Banana Republic
Shoes – Nine West

What and Where

What do you do when you show up to a party and see someone else wearing exactly the same thing or in my case that day we shot at the Parliament Hill, see someone walking down the same street as you, wearing the same outfit as you? Well, if you are like me, you would take a photo, of course! I originally wanted to ask her if she can pose with me but J had a better idea. He thought it would be really funny if I run up behind her and he would quickly take a photo!

Turns out, it wasn’t easy doing that in a pedestrian street. As I started to gain closer to her, three other guys walked right beside me blocking the shot so I had to squeeze my way towards her. When I was about a half a foot away from her, she looked back and handed me a nasty what-the-hell-are-you-doing look! I pretended to evaluate the beautiful architecture and motioned for J to take the picture, pronto! (See second photo for reference.) 

It’s Friday and (ssshhh…) I cannot wait to get out of the office, lounge at our rooftop patio and procrastinate over packing for our weekend getaway trip to the beautiful and scenic Mont Tremblant. If you haven’t been, you ought to go or at least check out their website at the moment. Known for its world-class skiing resorts, Mt. Tremblant is wonderfully breathtaking and it looks like a Canadian replica of the Swiss Alps. It is the Civic Holiday this weekend, a long weekend for most Canadian provinces and territories so we are getting out of the city for a few days starting Saturday and I, will try to indulge in a lot of nothings. It might be hard considering that Tremblant has so much to offer and the hotel we are staying at is beyond beautiful (merci beaucoup à Isabelle), with really tempting royal spa services. I may be able to sneak a peak and check in some blogs behind E’s back but he might not be pleased and ask me to walk home.

What are you doing this weekend? Have you got some double trouble outfit faux-pas recently? On that note, I wish y’all a tremendously exciting weekend!

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