Black to Basics


Outfit details

Little Black Dress – Banana Republic
Cow leather belt – Banana Republic
Hobo leather purse – Michael Kors, Gift from E
Men’s watch – Longines, Gift from J
Pearl earrings – Mexx
Onyx Ring – Gift
Patent leather shoes – Guess
Sunglasses – Replay, Gift from Pearl (all the way from Dublin!)

What and Where

Don’t call me Cougar (just yet) but I’ve been love lovin’ animal prints these days. I don’t know what brought this on but I had/have my dear friends from all over the world scouting me some! I won’t tell you what he got me but Ray was willing (coerced is probably the more appropriate word for it) to walk into a Victoria Secret Store for me in Washington last month. Last week, Pearl was busy scouring the racks at Marks and Spencer (poor PJ!) for more! I just can’t get enough of it, seriously.

So, let me introduce the latest animal print acquisition, please welcome my hard-not-to-notice real cow leather belt (sorry PETA)! Isn’t she so pretty? Yeah, I don’t know why I went with the female gender for this brilliant belt, could be because of the cow reference… The important thing is the fact that it is soo cool! I think it has that ability to transform any blah outfit to something absolutely extravagant.

Take for example this classic-cut LBD from Banana Republic. True story – I didn’t know if it will actually fit me until this morning. J picked it up for me while I was away on business because you know, a girl just gotta have another Little Black Dress. I was frantic because one, it was on sale and two, they only had this dress in my size. Turns out, the dress was perfect, it has a stretchy element in the fabric, which made it both forgiving and shape enhancing. Paired with the cow leather belt, ’twas a match made in cow heaven (sorry again!).

J was feeling particularly creative today, hence the Black and White photo shoot  and the sheer volume of photos in this post. Well, I think today was pretty genius! By the way, I was gonna tell you the actual colour of the belt and the Michael Kors hobo purse (I have mad love for this purse as E picked it out himself!) but nah, I’ll save that for later.

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