A time for Love, A time for Joy


Outfit details

Olive green top – Banana Republic
Black cardigan – Dynamite, Gift from Cham
Flared jeans – Parasuco, Gift from E
Aviators – Banana Republic
Jeweled bracelet – Banana Republic, Gift from EM
Purple leather purse – Osprey London, Gift from Pearl (All the way from Dublin!)

What and Where

Chickie insisted I use this title to name the post today: Love Joy. I agreed. But then I saw the photos from today and I thought, I’ll be clever and play on pictures and words. Ha! As you can see, there’s the ubiquitous grandfather’s clock from the Peace Tower and there’s the prevalent subject of our conversation for, I’d say at least three days now.

Perhaps I should speak in codes to protect the innocent but meh, what the hell, if I don’t get a comment from her on this post, I don’t know what will! So, on to the topic that J seems to be very enthralled about. I have a cousin, cute, smart and funny. Her name is LJ and I didn’t realize that people didn’t know what L and J stood for. I suppose you can guess by now but let me give you a snippet of last night’s dinner conversation at the Pho place:

E – LJ, interesting name. Is that it, just L and J?
LJ – What Kuya E? You don’t know my real name?
E – Ahmn.. no. Is it Long John?
LJ – God, no Kuya! It’s an emotion. Alright, do you watch the Simpsons? There’s a character in there who has the same name!
E – Ahmmnn… yes. Marge?

Bwah ha ha ha! Yes, coz LJ stands for Marge! Brilliant!

Me – Okay, E. Look at me. Me who is the “fill in the blank” of your life for many years. What kind of emotion do you feel when you look at me?
E – paused for a very looong time… Pain? 
Me – Grrrr…. 
E – Uh-oh! I mean Love? 

There you go Ladies and Gentlemen, four years and counting later, E when he looks at me, sees… Pain! Who wants to bet with me we are in for a very, very long marriage? Okay okay, hypothetically speaking, if we were married, then that my friends is a very good relationship meter that will get us through fifty years and more!

The morale of the story really is that my cousin Love Joy is beyond wonderful. She is one hell of a woman (dude, you owe me Bubble Tea!), she is fierce as she is lovely and she is resilient as she is sweet.
J said if his parents ever named him Love Joy or any sort of name like that (Bueno Alegre or Joselito Carnaval!), he would not only disown them as his madre and padre, he would also very much sue them for all they’re worth!

We heart you LJ!

Photographer’s Pick of the Day

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