Most of you are familiar with the show Dragon’s Den, a CBC produced Canadian television show that makes or breaks entrepreneurs seasoned or new. The American version is the Shark Tank (and I’m sure there are other spin offs around the world) but the format remains the same. Aspiring entrepreneurs comes in with their products or services and pitch their business proposals to a panel of the country’s top businessmen – known as the Dragons – and in the end, their fate is determined. They either get the investment and the business help they need (perhaps Dragon Den’s nicest Arlene Dickinson, whom we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times, will come to the rescue) or they get squashed mercilessly.


One brave group of friends, Eric, Justin and Elan, did exactly that with their newly launched skincare line for men. Dubbed as a straightforward good for you skin as well as your wallet kind of skincare line, REBELS REFINERY is making its debut at Dragon’s Den on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014. While we’ve already shared with you this skincare line for men in our special post Valentines Day Gift Guide (see the original post published at Ottawa Mommy Club here), also had SKYFALL BLUE CEO Fadi Ghaby test drive it, we can’t help but tell you more about this exciting line manufactured in Toronto.



“What else is better than help make men look good, feel good and raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer Foundations? Men having their own set of skincare that can help them achieve clear, healthy, younger-looking skin! No fancy names or pretty packages, this skincare line from Rebel’s Refinery is just honest to goodness skincare made with natural ingredients that are good for you. Err… good for him! With a complete line of cleanser, facial scrub, soap, moisturizer and even a rehab roller for under eye treatment, you may just want to borrow from the boys on this one.”




With its mission of providing customers with premium products that would rival the quality of top of the line skincare line for women, REBELS REFINERY is in a mission not only to provide men with high quality skincare products but to also make the world a better place (Read more about the team’s efforts and future plans at NOTABLE.CA) by using only natural ingredients and…

Donating just over 2% of their sales to Prostate Cancer Canada.



Very cool, yes?

To find out more about REBELS REFINERY and to order, visit their website at www.rebelsrefinery.com and be sure to tune it to CBC’s Dragon’s Den tonight!


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    Wow. I really love the packaging of this range of skincare for men made by men. I’m sure men would start using skincare more often if products are filled with goodness like this.

    I’m holding my 2nd blog giveaway and I’m inviting you my past giveaway participant to join. There are Kimmidoll, L’Occitane, Crabtree n Evelyn and Fleurfaerie stuff to be won. No obligations of course though feel free to check it out and participate if keen. Have a lovely Friday!

    Jo’s Jumbled Jardinière

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  3. 3

    What a joke. Just slap some “natural stuff” together researched on the internet as a potential beneficial ingredient, and stick it in a tube/package and market it. Uhhh, yeah, very credible. These guys have NO background in any science, cosmetic or health related field. The bottom line is, in to days world, anyone can go to a co-packer/manufacturer and get any type of product made. For example, I have gone to a soft drink packer/manufacturer in NJ, USA and was able to create ANY concoction and stick it into a can or bottle and sell it as an “Energy Drink” with whatever claims I wanted to make derived from the natural ingredients I decided to add to my drink. They had a plethora of ingredients on hand, and I was able to add whatever I wanted as an add on.

  4. 4

    Confused, You make excellent and valid points. This company will be here today and gone tomorrow. People need to realize that you NEED to be an expert in this field in order to survive.. tell us about your crudentials Rebels……so what these “Rebels ” were on Dragons Den and got some cash to fund their venture. Remember the old saying folks..” you get what you pay for “. Stick with companys that have been around a long time and are reputable and stand behind their products..ie ( Clinique, Biotherm,Vichy,Yonka,etc ). There is a reason that these companies have been in business for years. I am a Clinique user and have used it since I was 14 years old..now I am 43. A Shift worker Paramedic in Kingston Ontario and just my opinion.

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