Jasmine Obssession

If there is one flower I know of that is well-celebrated in many cultures, especially in Asia, it’s the jasmine flower. Long revered as a symbol of purity, simplicity, humility and strength – jasmine has been the subject of many legends, songs, stories and tradition. 

Did you know that the Jasmine Flower or Sampaguita (Arabian Jasmine) is the Official National Flower of the Philippines since 1934?

I actually grew up with Jasmine, you see. There is a huge shrub in the middle of our garden, it always seemed mystical to me. The pure white star-shaped flower blooms all year round but here’s what’s very unique about it. Every night, almost at midnight and especially when the moon is bright, the jasmine flower opens up, with its petals beaming beautifully as the moon beam reflects upon it. 

That’s when the air is filled with the heavenly scent of sweet and distinct floral scent of Jasmine. It lingers and fills the night with an aroma that is soothing yet romantic and would last until the morning.
THANN Jasmine Blossom with two organic essential oils: Evening Primrose & Olive
Imagine my delight when I learned that THANN has a special Jasmine collection within its very popular line of Rice Bran Collection.  I have to admit however, that though I was very excited about the Jasmine Collection, I wasn’t raring to give it a try.

Jasmine Flower or Sampaguita
The reason is simple. I was madly in love (still am) with THANN’s Aromatic Wood Collection. 
Madly. Instantly.
The first time I ever smelled it, tried it and slathered it all over me… I was gone. The essential oils of orange and tangerine oil with a hint of nutmeg was my calling. Who knew?
THANN’s impressive and sleek packaging – cushion to protect the product
I felt like if I tried the Jasmine Collection and loved it, it would be like cheating with my beloved Aromatic Wood Collection. But having heard about the THANN Jasmine Collection getting raved by so many Beauty Editors and Top Beauty Bloggers (Fashion Magazine, Dress to Kill Magazine, Daly Beauty, Toronto Beauty Reviews, The Glitter Geek, and many, many more), I needed to try it.
THANN Rice Bran oil
Natural Vitamin E, anti-oxidant and superb moisturizer
I was so excited to try the Jasmine Blossom Body Milk. I am so very, very pleased I did. Like with all THANN hand creams and body milks, the cream absorbs very quickly, leaving my body with a very soft, moisturized feel.  True to what it claims, it is luxurious, richer than the other body milk in the entire THANN line, its very lush and creamy.
The exotic, sweet scent of Jasmine transports me back to the time I sit on the veranda on a warm summer night, gazing up through the bright moonlit sky through our garden where the Jasmine plant blooms with all its glory.
Like the stunningly beautiful and highly praised THANN Shiso Body Butter, the Jasmine Blossom Body Milk makes you stop and smell the… well, certainly not the roses but the sweet, heavenly scent of Jasmine. It makes you pause for awhile, appreciate the moment and you can feel your body just let go and calm down.

Amazing how a simple waft of scent can evoke so much emotions and memories, isn’t it? 
THANN isn’t just about beauty and smelling good. The line is a beautiful marriage of art and science – of using the most powerful and beneficial all-natural Asian ingredients combined with the latest in skincare technology and innovation.

Legends say that the Jasmine Flower is a symbol of undying love, from a story of two young lovers, who were forcefully separated away from each other by circumstance, society and family. But they made a vow (sumpa or sump ko) to each to other, to love one other to the end of time. In the Philippines, they say that its name – Sampaguita – actually came from the phrase “Sumpa Kita”, which means “You are my promise” “You are my vow.” 
So, here’s my promise to you. I vow that you will absolutely love THANN’s Jasmine Blossom Collection.
Exquisite Jasmine Blossoms
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