Lazy Woman’s Guide to Fashion (Part 2)

Tips for surviving those days when leaving the house in a beige muslin potato sack is not an option.

When my dear pal Marilou asked me to guest blog, I wasn’t sure what I would write about – my love for coming home and putting on joggers after work? My ways to masquerade fat days? My joy for drinking a glass (or a bottle) of wine, whatever is applicable) (oops…I guess that one isn’t fashion related)?

So – I figured I would write about what I know best: putting yourself together when you have three minutes, you’re running on -5 hours sleep and you’re feeling more Martha Stewart than Nicole Richie. This will be the first in a random series of survival tips! Upcoming topics include: Fashion on the Run (when you have to live out of a suitcase) and Fashion Fails. Not the normal glamorous style to the blog, but injections of life survival into Twenty York!

Following the first installment of The Busy Neighbor’s Fashion Tips segment, here’s another scenario that represents one of my regular fashion issues and tips for how I deal with it.


Signed – The Busy Neighbor!


Its 7:00pm Friday night and you are supposed to be meeting friends for dinner in an hour. Your boss was off his rocker today, a new pimple sprung and your lunchtime take-out has left you feeling like a couch potato. Tonight, the three glasses of wine you drank while trying on your closet don’t seem to be working.

Option A – Call the restaurant and order a bottle of wine be delivered to your friends’ table. Turn off your iPhone (you have a wha? A blackberry?!) for the night.
Option B – Head to toe neon spandex. Your friends’ response will be worth it.
Option C – See tips.

What to do, What to do?
– A black, comfy, baggy shirt. When you’ve downed a little more vino than you should have, and enjoyed the appetizers, you’ll be happy for the extra roomy shirt you chose tonight.
– A long, v-neck t-shirt under a boyfriend blazer. Still comfy and a little bit of class and style.
– Borrow from a friend (this friend may also provide support by contributing).
– Kitten heels? Your feet will thank you and they will polish your outfit.

Remember: there are millions of hungry, homeless people in the world and today your biggest concern is what to wear. Consider yourself lucky to be who you are, with the life you have and be grateful!

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